youANDme’s “Diva 2022” mix of “PPPPP” was incendiary, igniting anything that it came into contact with after appearing on Rhythm Cult’s Details Volume 4 compilation last year. It starts like all epic tracks should — an ominous rumble that announces its approach on a near sub-audible level that you feel in your gut more than you hear in your head. The vocal is positively volcanic, and that stomping buzzer just goes over so well when it’s dropped mid-set, or early set, or late-set, or late at night, or early in the morning, or practically any time people are awake and within earshot of this record when it’s played.

The Diva 2022 mix is the lead and centerpiece for PPPPP The Remixes Part 1 on Rhythm Cult, a label that does not cut corners and certainly didn’t spare any expense on the first of what is implied will be a series of remix packages. Ian Pooley knows a hook when hears one. His remix is a feat of strength, building a deep house anthem as thick as a brick wall. Cinthie takes it apart and glues it back together with a crisp breakbeat shuffle, more than a little dubbed out and begging to be played until the needle slams into the red. Just a monster of a record already in heavy rotation.

⚪️ PPPPP Tracklisting

youANDme: PPPPP: The Remixes Part 1 (Ian Pooley & Cinthie Remixes) (Rhythm Cult / 12" Vinyl + Digital / July 2023)
1. PPPPP (Diva Mix) (06:51)
2. PPPPP (Ian Pooley Main Remix) (07:37)
3. PPPPP (Cinthie Remix) (06:51)
4. PPPPP (Yotam Avni Remix) (07:00)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement

This record was submitted as a promo.

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