Noncompliant Symptom Onset premiere artwork

Noncompliant launches new label Giant Arm with Momentum Shift EP

Listen to the first track from Giant Arm, the new label from beloved techno producer and DJ Noncompliant. "Symptom Onset" is premiering with 5 Mag now.
Fanon Flowers Detroit Automation album art

Fanon Flowers looks back on an age of chrome & steel on “Detroit Automation”

Released in 2020, Fanon Flowers' seven track album Detroit Automation is a masterpiece of minimal but visceral ambient and machine-tooled techno.
Fred Everything Photo

Fred Everything – #TheMixdown

Fred Everything takes Will Sumsuch on a studio tour and house music production deep dive.
Nini Nobless of Lime

Nini Nobless of Canadian electro disco pioneers Lime has died

A "dazzling innovator of this art form," Nini Nobless broke new ground in electronic music in the early 1980s with synth disco duo Lime.
Autokinetic Dialectic EP album art

Raw Midwest techno from Minneapolis’ Autokinetic

Carrying the torch for Midwest Techno, Autokinetic drops a rude and raucous four track EP on vinyl and digital from Fixed Rhythms.
Premiere Black Eyes Scuba Lyfe rolando remix album art

Premiere: Black Eyes – Scuba Lyfe (Rolando Remix) [Lost Control 2097]

Bangin' remix from the legendary DJ Rolando (Underground Resistance, Los Hermanos) of SCUBA LYFE, the hazy, deliriously hypnotic and appropriately trippy b-side track from Manchester producer Black Eyes

The impossible meeting of Ellen Allien & Ash Code

"Dance and Kill" is a "bridge from cold wave to techno" but the energies flow both ways in this impossible collaboration between German techno producer Ellen Allien and Italian Darkwave artists Ash Code.
Wareika Tizinabi album art

Wareika channels the Holy Ghost on Tizinabi

Ornaments makes some beautiful vinyl and Wareika recorded some beautiful music for this one. The live electronic trio create a vivid tapestry for explorations in deep, dubby and esoteric sounds on new album Tizinabi.
Marco Repetto Planet Love photo

Music from the deep archives of Marco Repetto comes alive on the Planet Love...

The Planet Love trilogy is a three 12" set pulled from the early 1990s archives of groundbreaking Swiss electronic music producer Marco Repetto.
Alland Byallo photo by Kenneth Scott

Alland Byallo – The Mixdown

Will Sumsuch meets Alland Byallo for The Mixdown, 5 Mag's series of producers talking to producers about the craft, kit and skills behind the music, his personal and creative turning points and the importance of unplugging and reconnecting with the pure joy of music for music's sake.
First Cut V/A Crossing the Red Line album art

First Cut drops a 3 track V/A on “Crossing The Red Line”

First Cut welcomes TR One, Giles Armstrong and Reflection Port Assembly on shiny black wax on Crossing The Red Line.
Skudge Convolution Levon Vincent remixes album art

Levon Vincent remixes Skudge’s 2010 jam “Convolution”

Levon Vincent has a clear affinity here for the record, which presaged a darker, more physical turn for analog-driven techno and deep house. Vincent is a fellow traveler and his work on these remixes is nothing short of stunning.

DJ Rocca – Code Rush

Code 041 is another brilliant musical excursion from the wildly eclectic but always on point DJ Rocca
Alien D album art

Tracks for freaks on Alien D’s “Broadway Mid-Tempo Party Music”

Sweat Equity's Daniel Creahan dons a mask as Alien D on an EP of rust belt techno tracks from Fixed Rhythms.
Nachtbraker Capichone album art

Nachtbraker drops “Capichone” on vinyl for Peach Discs

Nachtbraker's tracks are often a subtle hybrid of elements of deep house and classic Detroit techno with echoes of '90s Dutch house, all filtered through a highly detailed sound design process. So it is here with four tracks of futurist hybrid 4/4 on Capichone.
Paris Acid City Apoji EP album art

Paris Acid City debuts with “Apoji”

Another beautiful anonymous slab of wax from artists unknown to us just waiting to slip into your crate and intimidate all your other records with its fierceness.
Away 10 Years compilation

Moodymann, Move D, Inland highlight AWAY’s 10 YEARS celebration

Three weekend-long events for the Berlin event will follow a ten track compilation from some of the friends, family & honored guests from the label out June 23.
Photonz 12 house cuts about nothing album art

Photonz makes 12 house cuts about nothing

Photonz drops an album of spares, rares and sketches as a yummy bandcamp only release for diggers and DJs seeking ultra deep cuts.
Joyce Muniz

Time Capsule: Inside the new 5 Mag

Joyce Muniz, Fred Everything, LF System, Conrad Colson, How to Save a Landmark, the AI botnet eating streaming platforms alive and more inside the new issue of 5 Mag, out now.

The Delivery Men

"It's not possible to be indifferent when someone died for delivering a hamburger." Maxime Dangles' new album takes on the exploitation of France's gig workers.


Brutal layoffs at Bandcamp as new owner slashes 50% of staff

A week after promising to preserve many of the site's most beloved features, Bandcamp's new owner has gutted the company's staff. The writing team at Bandcamp Daily is reportedly down to just 3 people.