About 5 Magazine and 5 Mag Dot Net

5 Magazine is an electronic music publication and platform founded in Chicago. We cover house music, techno, disco, garage and all forms of underground electronic music.

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Founded in 2005 by Czarina Mirani, 5 Magazine has published nearly 200 issues over the last sixteen years. For the first eleven years, each issue of 5 Magazine was distributed in print all over the city of Chicago in a print run of 10,000 copies per issue. These were given away for free in a grassroots effort to unify Chicago’s music scene and bring great music to light.

In deference to a changing climate, 5 Magazine went worldwide as a digital-only publication in 2016, with each issue published in PDF format in our member’s section and supported by our subscribers.

As a woman-owned and -operated business, 5 Mag is committed to diversity in both our subject matter and in our staff.

From the beginning, we’ve been determined to create a publication that looked like our scene — a reflection of the people who create, play and dance to our music. We acknowledge the Black roots of our music and the crucial role of the LGBTQ+ community both in the creation of house music and in the present.

5 Mag founder Czarina Mirani:

“I created 5 Magazine in 2005 because there was no other publication or media covering the full spectrum of house music as it is in Chicago, from the big clubs downtown, the legendary spots in the neighborhoods, the fantastic summer festivals in the parks all over the city.

“Today we cover electronic music all over the world, but we strive to bring with us the ethic we learned from the Chicago of Frankie Knuckles and Robert Williams: that all are welcome in our house.”

5 Magazine reaches a combined reach of 100,000 followers via our website, on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and SoundCloud. We have an active email list with updates that you can sign up for here.

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