6th Borough Project’s debut album was released on Delusions Of Grandeur nine years ago, when the sub-label was known as a home to releases too left-field for Freerange. Since then, DoG has developed a strong identity and reputation of its own as a provider of serious dance floor material and these three tracks of underground loop house are the kind of quality material you can generally expect them to release.

All three tunes wallow in the particular dance floor pleasures that come from looping a perfectly little one-bar audio snippet. Track three is the one that really works for me, a 117 bpm stroller called “Keep On,” made up of looped keys riff, a nifty little disco string, a gently swirling pad, a male vocal sample smothered in delay and a 4/4 rhythm track that pumps and chugs perfectly. With little more than some gentle filter tweaks, you get seven minutes of relentless glitterball disco-tech.

I guess by dint of their tempo, tracks 1 and 2 are more peak time — although who’s to say that peak time has to be the fastest part of the evening? Anyway, track 1, “Rhythm” is another simple 1 bar loop that circles relentlessly under a drum beat that’s simultaneously clattering and tight, and with more gentle filtering and some pro arrangement touches it’s another highly efficient house jam. Track 2 “Truth” puts a pair of soulful piano chords at the centre of things with a rubbery rhythm track and bubbling synth b line and again, it’s all essentially a one-bar loop and again, works very well. A quality example of how to do loop-filter house well.

⚪️ Rhythm & Truth EP Tracklisting

6th Borough Project: Rhythm and Truth EP (Delusions of Grandeur / 12" Vinyl + Digital / July 2023)
1. Rhythm (07:15)
2. Truth (06:41)
3. Keep On (07:10)

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This record was submitted as a promo.

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