Louie Vega’s Expansions In The NYC continues to generate heat nearly a year after its release. If anyone really got upset about dance music Grammy Awards, the lack of nomination here would be infuriating (Ed Note: This was written before DJs began fuming about Beyonce. So much for that.)

In the meantime, though, the sparks that continue to fly every time this album comes close enough to touch the ground is a testimony to its impact. Released in December in 2×12″ vinyl, this remix pack features Vega’s tributes to Patrick Adams and Larry Levan from the Expansions album extended out (and in the case of “Chimi,” extended way out) for the dancefloor. The latter is a cover of one-off studio project Sine’s deep cut from 1977, a studio session presided over by Adams. This mix is 13:35 long, twice as long as the original and 4 minutes longer than the Expansions mix. DJ Spinna is featured on the second tribute to Adams, “Atmosphere Strut,” a tribute to Adams’ Cloud One project. “Change Your Mind” is a tribute and I mean a genuine tribute to Larry Levan — featuring Bernard Fowler of the NYC Peech Boys, it’s almost like Vega closed his eyes and tried to conjure up the best track from a quintessential Larry Levan mix that Larry Levan never actually played. The double vinyl really serves to drop a spotlight on some of these gems from Vega’s sprawling masterpiece.

Louie Vega: Chimi / Change Your Mind / Atmosphere Strut (Nervous / 2×12″ Vinyl)
A1. Louie Vega: Chimi (Tribute To Patrick Adams) Featuring – Elements Of Life (13:32)
B1. Louie Vega: Change Your Mind (Tribute To Larry Levan) Featuring – Bernard Fowler (5:07)
C1. Louie Vega: Atmosphere Strut (Tribute To Patrick Adams) Featuring – DJ Spinna (5:49)
D1. Louie Vega: Change Your Mind (Tribute To Larry Levan Instrumental) Featuring – Bernard Fowler (5:07)

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