If you are despairing about the rotten music, the rip-offs, the utter disposability of tracks made for market rather than for the masses, I have an antidote for you. In 2019 SHSF Records released a 7″ record from Cho and Random Impetus called Brother Sister, a modern disco, throwback funk and incendiary R&B track featuring an array of musicians and vocals that melt through the speakers in a way you’ve seen before but probably haven’t seen lately.

With DJ plays stoking demand, you might have thought you were back in the ’90s for a minute. Copies of Brother Sister are hard to find, and aren’t very cheap for a record that’s a mere three years old, because people, it turns out, are still willing to pay for things that give them happiness. That record gave them their happiness.

Three years later these gems have been reissued on a 12″ with remixes of both the A side and B side tracks from DJ Spinna and Hugo LX. The latter’s take on “Brother Sister” is a single-soul powered funk revival, with sharp, strident bass strutting back and forth, chasing that “higher ground” the vocal implores us to find. DJ Spinna’s remix of “Candlelight” is a kind of electro fever dream, a blocky bass synth giving the song an unexpectedly harder edge. Instrumentals of both of these are included on what’s almost certainly going to be one of the most celebrated records of three summers ago and this summer too.

Cho and Random Impetus: Brother Sister / Candlelight Remixed (Menace (Paris) / 12″ Vinyl + Digital / July 2022)
1. Cho and Random Impetus: Brother Sister (03:17)
2. Cho and Random Impetus: Candlelight (03:36)
3. Cho and Random Impetus: Brother Sister (Hugo LX Remix) (06:10)
4. Cho and Random Impetus: Candlelight (DJ Spinna Remix) (07:17)
5. Cho and Random Impetus: Brother Sister (Hugo LX Remix, Instrumental) (06:10)
6. Cho and Random Impetus: Candlelight (DJ Spinna Remix, Instrumental) (07:17)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo.


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