An eclectic record from an eclectic producer. Andrew Emil has been leaning in hard on showcasing his remixing skills and that’s the theme of Nite Dreams from a leading light in the vinyl deep house world, Yore. These three Emil mixes — or “dreamixes” as they’re called — settle on the soulful edge of the house music spectrum. Leading off is Emil’s remix of Artispure and The Remedy’s “Chicago Underground,” spiked with pumping chords and drums that alternately bang and sizzle. “Sunday Best” (by Emil as Change Request) is jazz with seismic claps and a bassline heavy enough to cave in a bank vault. On the b-side he welcomes Chicago maestro Elbert Phillips, someone whose name is always good to see in these pages and whose “Sunlight” featuring the smooth but lively vocals of Andre Espeut gets electrified by Emil’s remix. This one stands out as the solid arrangement and spectacular vocal really pop. A V/A, curated and remixed by one of house music’s best musical talents.

⚪️ Tracklisting

Andrew Emil with Artispure, The Remedy, Elbert Phillips & Andre Espeut: Nite Dreams EP (Yore / 12" Vinyl)
1. Artispure Feat. The Remedy - Chicago Underground (Andrew Emil Dreamix) 08:49
2. Change Request - Sunday_s Best (Andrew Emil Dreamix) 09:59
3. Elbert Phillips, Andre Espeut - Sunlight (Andrew Emil Dreamix) 06:30

⚪️ Disclosure Statement

This record was submitted as a promo.

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