Recreational Kraut is a collaborative album from techno musician David Moufang (Move D) and musician/composer Jordan Czamanski. Using a pretty lean sonic palette of Fender Rhodes, synths and fretless bass, the pair recorded their album in Amsterdam over a few days in 2018 and ’19.

Twenty-minute-plus opener “Recreation Pts 1-3” sets the scene for what to expect as a repeating Rhodes figure and the gentlest of synth/drone adornment combine to create a calming, involving and slowly unfurling piece of mood music that falls somewhere between ambient jazz and an electronic lullaby.

The clean and sleek house beat of the next track, “Tea For 2,” creates an almost jarring change of mood, but aside from the ticking drum track, the soft, introspective mood remains. It’s back to softly undulating ambient-drone-ish for the next track, then another house track appears, this time working hard to rinse as big an emotional hit as possible out of its single chord, before the album achieves some kind of sonic middle ground in the broken beats of “On The Inside.”

Not a great deal happens in these tracks, and there are few, if any, “big moments” as such: no star-destroying synth riffs, outré FX chains or much that would cause stank-face in the average dance/electronic music listener. Instead, this is an assemblage of soft, warm and tender musical elements, a sonic palette with virtually no hard edges that feels wonderfully unhurried and immersive.

⚪️ Recreational Kraut Tracklisting

Moufang / Czamanski: Recreational Kraut (Source Germany / 2 x Vinyl Album / Digital)
1. Recreation Parts 1-3 (21:02)
2. Tea For 2 (04:46)
3. Undercurrent (02:28)
4. Fireworks & Jive (09:58)
5. On The Inside (12:36)
6. Spogliati (07:15)
7. Return To The Source (07:14)
8. Personal Kraut (07:24)
9. Late To The Party (02:51)
10. Ruby Rudy (07:11)
11. The Amsterdam Kool Aid (18:39)

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