Your mind: a spindle of thread, unraveling as it’s falling.

MAL.E is the alias of Mali Mase and who under the too-cute name “Sweater on Polo” has appeared on Fixed Rhythms twice before.

This is a new alias for a new sound on Something Manufactured: driving, twitchy techno that sounds like the musical accompaniment to stainless steel robotic limbs picking your identity apart.

“Passage 3” is one of the real joints on this EP, a real high-kick stomping chunk of dancefloor soma that even the soulful heads can move to. “One Slip Away” is something to behold — a crash between high tech and low tech soul, organ and exhortations manipulated and pitched all wrong and all right. It’s gnarly, restless and a little unsettling, and frankly it’s totally brilliant shit.

There are people who bask in the cool cynicism of believing that there can be nothing new under the sun. It’s often a cope, a license to live your creative life entirely in the shallow end. On “One Slip Away,” MAL.E does that — it runs right off a cliff and hopes the water’s deep enough for a safe landing.

⚪️ Something Manufactured Tracklisting

MAL.E: Something Manufactured (Fixed Rhythms / 12" Vinyl + Digital)
1. Spectacle of Automation (06:00)
2. Passage 3 (05:13)
3. Routine Cycle (05:02)
4. One Slip Away (06:16)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement

This record was submitted as a promo.

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