Martha Dark, photo by Christopher Allen

Launch 🚀 5 Mag meets Martha Dark

We meet Irish deep house producer Martha Dark, whose debut release "Promise" is out now on theBasement Discos.
Fred Everything Photo

Fred Everything – #TheMixdown

Fred Everything takes Will Sumsuch on a studio tour and house music production deep dive.

The AI music company shitting up your streams

A single AI music company claims it has created 14% of the world's recorded music and are flooding streaming platforms. Who, or what, is Boomy?
Coflo photo by Angelo Paulos (Jiwa)

Coflo – “It was the culture that raised me”

Catching The Ghost: 5 Mag's Czarina Mirani profiles to Bay Area producer, DJ, teacher and dancer Coflo in this wide-ranging 5 Mag cover story.
History of 3 Degrees Global Chicago

Some Call It House, We Call It Home: the Story of 3 Degrees

The history of Chicago's 3 Degrees Global collective, representing a missing link in Chicago house music history as told by its members: Jeremiah Seraphine, Forever Monna, Julius The Mad Thinker, Dj-FLX, Priti Gandhi, BIGSEXY and Czboogie.
SaraProblem and Khadeeja Grace Love This House album artvideo

Launch 🚀 5 Mag meets SaraProblem

5 Mag showcase featuring Chicago artist SaraProblem on LOVE THIS HOUSE, her new track with vocalist Khadeeja Grace.
Alland Byallo photo by Kenneth Scott

Alland Byallo – The Mixdown

Will Sumsuch meets Alland Byallo for The Mixdown, 5 Mag's series of producers talking to producers about the craft, kit and skills behind the music, his personal and creative turning points and the importance of unplugging and reconnecting with the pure joy of music for music's sake.
Conrad Colson

Luminescence: Remembering Conrad Colson

Firefly by Conrad marks an artist at the peak of their creative powers. Unfortunately, it is also a posthumous release: Conrad took his own life before the Firefly EP was released.

DJ Rocca – Code Rush

Code 041 is another brilliant musical excursion from the wildly eclectic but always on point DJ Rocca
LF System photo

System of a Sound: LF System work a classic disco sample on Dancing Shoes...

LF System are Conor Larkman and Sean Finnigan, two Scottish DJs who have emerged in the last couple of years with an energetic sound that is unapologetically targeted right at the heart of the dancefloor.
Phil Kieran Strand Cinema photo

Screen Play: Phil Kieran on the making of The Strand Cinema

Phil Kieran's latest album is a vibrant tour de force inspired by the old movie palace where it was made.

Beyond Heaven: Discovering the hidden history of Chicago house music

In Beyond Heaven, Mario Luna and publisher Brandon Johnson collect artwork from more than a decade of Chicago house music history, from the early days of legendary pioneers to lost icons of dance music.

The Delivery Men

"It's not possible to be indifferent when someone died for delivering a hamburger." Maxime Dangles' new album takes on the exploitation of France's gig workers.
Turbojazz photo

Turbojazz – “Putting out a record makes me feel like I’m saying something to...

Celebrating two decades of deep diving through dance music, Turbojazz delivers an all encompassing album that reflects his years of exploration & passion with the release of his album Whateverism.

Detroit techno doc God Said Give Em Drum Machines screening during Movement 2023

The groundbreaking film focusing on Black artists from Detroit will be screened May 26 with a film workshop May 27 in Detroit.
Carly Wilford

Carly Wilford – The Awakening

During the pandemic, Carly Wilford came across a study claiming that only 2% of all music producers were women. Reading that stat, she says, "gave me the fire under my feet to learn."
Reggie Dokes photo by Nile Dokes

Reggie Dokes: The Searcher

Producer, DJ, composer for films and a 100% pure Detroit electronic music artist, Reggie Dokes is at heart a searcher, a seeker in the tradition of great Black diaspora seekers like Sun Ra. His music is heady, introspective, interstellar and dope a f.
The DJ King of Donetsk

The Side Hustle from Hell: Tracking the DJ King of Donetsk

Hacking, Russian agents & a cybercrime boss with a love for the vibe: the strange story of Vyacheslav Penchukov, the DJ king of Donetsk.
Carlo founder of Aterral Records image

Dos: Two Years of Aterral Records

Launched during the pandemic, Aterral Records is one of the most exciting deep house labels to emerge this decade. In a little more than two years, Aterral has released a crate's worth of outstanding material amplifying a certain strain of deep house - those warm, richly textured deep grooves that leave behind a trace of spiritual resonance in the air. They call it "deep, life-affirming house, two-step and minimal," and that's what it is.
Victor Simonelli photo

Rediscovering Victor Simonelli

Three generations of dance music DJs, producers & fans have been enlightened by the funky, souled'up testament of Victor Simonelli. a new collection focuses attention on his deeply influential early '90s house tracks.


Brutal layoffs at Bandcamp as new owner slashes 50% of staff

A week after promising to preserve many of the site's most beloved features, Bandcamp's new owner has gutted the company's staff. The writing team at Bandcamp Daily is reportedly down to just 3 people.